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true stories goodbyes

True Stories, the Goodbyes edition, April 12 at Iberian Rooster.

True Stories will be live again, Wednesday, April 12 at Iberian Rooster, stories start at 9pm. Get there early to grab a seat and a bite and get your name in the fucket bucket for a chance to tell your own story. The theme this month will be Goodbyes, and our featured teller is Frank Wells.

So you. Prepare a five-minute story about the time you said goodbye to someone or something. Was it the best thing you ever did, or the biggest mistake of your life. Hey, if we can help make your reconciliation (or bitter comeuppance) possible, we’re all about that.

Bring us your true, personal story, and tell it to us in five minutes. You will be judged, and the best story wins the night! (Note, this judging is by the same people who clap when Trish and I sing, so it’s not harsh ;). ) You might even get your story put onto Creative Loafing’s website.


Every person in the audience has the chance to tell a story. Put your name in the fucket bucket, and if you’re called you get five minutes to tell your real-life story. No props. No notes. The audience picks the “best” story of the night. Random prizes will be awarded…Admission is FREE. But order something from the bar for gods’ sake. Each month one storyteller is featured. At the end of the night, the audience picks a completely scientific “best” story of the night.
Need that explanation in a video re-enactment? Click the video below:


True Stories: Love editionWe’re on the second Wednesday of every month. Join us at Iberian Rooster at 9pm. Brought to you by your host, Lisa L. Kirchner. A Keep St. Pete Lit event.


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