The pen is mightier than the sword, making the blank page deadliest of all… But fear not.

I’ve helped clients write essays, put together book proposals, and craft their stories for the stage.

“Lisa made it easy,” Steph

As an author, essayist and performer myself, I can help guide you toward the right outlet.

“I never would have thought I could tell my story,” Georgiann

Whether you’re struggling to develop a book proposal, need help with an essay or simply want to tell your story, I have experience helping writers and artists develop their work. Email me here to start a dialogue about your project.

The only wrong way to start is not to start at all. Let’s do it. Let’s tell your story.


So storytelling is super hot right now, and you’ve got a story to tell. Great!

Wait, how did that story go again? And panic. And scene. Where’s that remote?

As a story coach for The Moth, editor and creativity workshop leader, I regularly come across the same blocks when it comes to getting a story out of a person and into the world. This simple volume of tips and tricks is guaranteed to help you commit your story to form.

And if it’s right, maybe it’s a fit for me as the memoirs editor at Ducts.org (lit mag of the New York Writers’ Workshop), or maybe for my show, “The Courage to Change with Lisa Kirchner.

Go on. You know you want to click!

How To Tell A Story by Lisa L. Kirchner


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