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Write Your Life online course

It’s finally here! The New York Writers Workshop has taken its classes online. Now you can get the benefit of taking your book to the next level with me no matter where you are. In this six-week online course, you’ll get:

-Video instruction

-Course handouts


-Writing prompts

-Individual feedback

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As a marketing expert, author and yogi, I apply a mix of inspiration, proven strategy, and book-divining super powers to bring your manuscript out into the world. Whether you want help selling your existing book or creating it, I’m here to help you. My marketing career spans two decades, I’ve taught yoga for eight years and been an instructor for the New York Writer’s Workshop for two years.

Online guides coming soon.


Proposal phone consultation:

A proposal phone consultation is for writers who have written much of their proposal already, and have a clear idea of the story’s narrative arc. The focus is on prepping your manuscript’s organization and marketing. You bring to the phone session the message you are hoping your story will convey, your elevator pitch/query letter,overview, target audience, marketing and promotion, and author biography. We read them out loud. Then I’ll ask questions designed to assist you in digging deeper into the theme of your story. This is to help ferret out your point of differentiation, which in turn informs your marketing strategy. My goal is to guide you along the process of making your book as marketable as possible to ensure you find a place for it.

The cost of ONE, 2-HOUR PHONE CONSULTATION is $175.00.


Three, one-hour proposal consultations:

These multiple phone consultations are perfect for writers who have a clear idea of their story and/or who’ve written much of their manuscript already, but lack familiarity with the publishing industry. In the first session we’ll talk about your book idea and what you’re going to need to get your book published, including tips for finding an agent. In the second session we’ll talk about your particular marketing message and work on tweaking it. In the third we’ll refine your strategy. Even if you plan to self-publish, this is a great option for clarifying your goals and implementing tactics.

The cost of THREE, 1-HOUR PHONE CONSULTATIONS is $300.00.



Whether you’re working on your proposal or your manuscript, ongoing phone consultations are custom-tailored for each individual and intended to keep the writer at it through the ups and downs until an entire project is complete. Includes the above plus:

  • Organization
  • Direction
  • Accountability

Every session is followed up with homework assignments when applicable. ONGOING support costs $100 per hour and must be purchased in increments of five hours. These sessions can take place weekly, bi-monthly or monthly.


At any level:

For an additional $75 I’ll send follow-up notes, tips and comments and recommendations, questions, and homework to you via email after each session, usually the next morning. The comments and notes are based on the session and designed to stimulate your progression.



Social media can be your best friend when it comes to promoting your work, when you’re prepared to be strategic about it.  In this session we’ll talk about best practices — and the biggest mistakes — you can make across these platforms. We’ll do practical, hands-on work with Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.



PayPal options are listed below for your convenience, but Venmo is preferred. We can work out a plan that works for you. Please be in touch as soon as possible so we can schedule times, I’m at

Phone Consultation

Social Media Consulting

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