Whether you plan to leave your home town or not, culture shock isn’t just for people who live overseas. If you’ve ever moved far enough away that you notice a different accent, or gone to an Italian restaurant staffed by an Italian family not your own, or found yourself dealing with technical support in another country, congratulations! You’ve experienced culture shock. This book offers tips for applying mindfulness strategies to overcome culture shock.

Lisa L. Kirchner knows firsthand what it means to experience culture shock. Her first experience in Tunisia, where she was a Peace Corps volunteer, ended disastrously. Much later, she returned to the region — Qatar — with mindfulness tools at the ready. She had no idea how much she’d need them. She managed to pull off a million dollar event and launch a university, but at a severe personal cost. Finally, on her third return to the Muslim world, she launched a film festival and came away triumphantly. Enjoy her stories and tips on how to change your life.

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Lisa Kirchner moved to Qatar to help boost her husband’s journalism career and blaze a trail for her Muslim sisters. But an unexpected divorce left her wondering where she’d gone wrong. She found answers from her yoga teacher, a Bornean tribal chief, and the Muslim women and men she met along the way.

Available now from Greenpoint Press.

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“A must read…”


Kirkus Reviews logo“A hScreen Shot 2014-07-10 at 3.34.17 PMopeful read exploring the complexities of navigating cultural and societal expectations abroad.”



WCBS’ Pat Farnack discusses Hello American Lady Creature with  Lisa Kirchner.LISTEN cbs

NPR-logo-squareLisa Kirchner’s Hello American Lady Creature: What I Learned  as a Woman in Qatar has been compared to Elizabeth Gilbert’s  bestseller Eat, Pray, Love. She doesn’t mind the comparison, after all  both books deal with a woman’s journey of self-discovery. Today the author  discusses her book, yoga and more.




Sometimes all you want is to read about someone else’s life: the good, the bad, and the yoga classes. The narrative of Hello American Lady Creature is packed with plenty of loss… but it ends in soaring redemption.

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broadway world logoThe book is absolutely intriguing. Kirchner’s cultural experiences in the Middle East are very revealing. Her vivid recollections are thoughtful and wonderfully written. She often compares her Western ways to the people she meets in Qatar and shares observations about everything from food and pets to careers and relationships. read more


CP logoUltimately Kirchner’s new book… emphasizes what the two cultures have in more PCP

amazon cust revs “READ THIS BOOK…from a woman who absolutely despised EAT PRAY LOVE…”  read more amazon



Keeping Your Heart Open in Hell, A Memoir

 Lisa Kirchner in India

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