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When journalist and author Lisa Kirchner moved to India to study yoga and meditation, it wasn’t with the intention of becoming an “expert,” rather, she was in search of her own healing.

What she’s found since is that sharing these teachings with others strengthens the cure. And that’s what she brings as a mindfulness speaker to her talks, the passion of how simple it is to radically transform.

Lisa Kirchner at Housing Works

To move forward in today’s world means understanding diversity, multiculturalism and… yourself. That’s right, you can’t get what makes someone else tick if you don’t know your own quirks. Our habitual patterns – fight, flight and/or freeze – will kick in if we keep going about, blithely unaware. The good news is, you already have everything you need to identify your story. Lisa Kirchner will help you move beyond it.

Lisa brings her experience as an educator, world traveller and storyteller to fun, informative sessions designed to engage audiences in creative ways. In a world where Twitter has replaced face-to-face conversations, Coke inspires fear by having “America the Beautiful” sung in multiple languages, and the arts are seen as a revenue drain, Lisa speaks to the creative side of leadership.  Her talks inspire better listening to overcome differences, compassion for others, and the opportunities for the individual. Whether you need an early morning wake-up or a strong close for your conference, Lisa delivers laughter and life-changing results as audiences learn leadership and stress-reduction tools.


  • DIVERSITY: Talk, panel and/or workshop exercises to encourage harmony
  • MINDFULNESS: Practical solutions that can make you a better team player
  • CHANGE AGENT: What would you do if you could change anything?
  • CREATIVITY & MOVEMENT: How to unlock the creativity in your body for better performance no matter what you do


         “Lisa gave me tools I’m still using every day to move forward in my personal and professional life,” Paula Poeta, talent agent, The Mine.



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